Hill Heals Chiropractic and Rehabilitation LLC

Open 7 Days a Week
Upper Kirby, TX           Pearland, TX 

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Healing Houston! 
2 Locations for your convenience

      12 Greenway Plaza Suite 1146, 77046 
11200 Broadway Street Suite 2743, 77584 (Pearland Town Center)

Hill Heals Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is here to provide noninvasive and non-surgical care to Houston. For your convenience our clinics are open 24 hours! We aim to properly diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disfunction and pain through a combination therapy approach; The combination of the specific chiropractic adjustment with myofascial release gets patients back to their lives quickly, without the harm of prescription drugs or surgery. 

The Hill Heals Difference

Appointment Availability 

24 Hours

Treatment Approach: 

Combination treatment

Full Body Adjustments

Patient Centered Care

 Mobile and Office services available

Average time with Chiropractor

30 minutes

Traditional Chiropractic


Appointment Availability

Monday-Friday during working hours

Treatment Approach:

Chiropractic Adjustment ONLY

Spinal Adjustments ONLY

Office appointments ONLY

Average time with Chiropractor

10 minutes

Why Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a none evasive and holistic approach used to maintain a properly functioning nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for all biological functions. Pain and biomechanical dysfunction is normally the initial manifestation of an improperly functioning nervous system.

Why Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation incorporates flexibility and stability of the soft tissue (muscles and fascia). After injury proper function of the soft tissue is important for a speedy and more complete recovery.


Fees for services provided are dependent on the diagnosis after the initial examination and/or distance of service (if applicable). Please visit our "services" page for detailed pricing.

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